Today I am polishing the tarnish off two old serving spoons, both of which belonged to my Grandma Falconer, though I’ve used them for nigh onto 30 years.  I absolutely love using these spoons though one of them is a bit ragged on the edges (due to Grandma accidentally dropping into the garbage disposal a very long time ago).  However, I only use them at home since i don’t want to take the chance they’ll be accidentally left somewhere.

We actually have two sets of old silverware in protected boxes, but I’m beginning to think it is ridiculous to NEVER use them. Since antimicrobial aspects of silver are well known, maybe I need to start using them everyday.  Why take silver from a bottle, when we could eat with silver at every meal!  Well, maybe that’s not the way it works, but it would be fine to eat with elegance.

One might comment the extra work of needing to polish the pieces, but there is no reason to ever polish them!  Sure, if you want bling – they need polishing, but otherwise no need.  And to be sure, you can polish stainless steel until the cows come home and you’ll never have bling!

Many families have some amount of silverware, teapots, candles stashed in a drawer or attic.  Oftentimes, there is a bit of history or memories attached.  If you have silver pieces, what do you use them for?  or do you use them?  Why or why not?



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