The Next Day – Wednesday

Today, my main goal is to broadcast my pasture seed mix on paddock #25, also known locally as Shark Goin’s hill.  I had already been feeding unrolled hay to the cows, so the 10 acres is nicely fertilised naturally.  I took Red, my Australian Shepherd pup with us because he hadn’t been able to go with us for a long time.  Now that it has warmed up and he has a little more age on him, it’s time to get serious with training. Dallas and I headed north with the 4-wheeler, trailer, seed, and pickup to pull it all.  After unloading the 4-wheeler and seed and Red, Dallas went on up north and around on Cotton Drive by Morris Chapel Cemetery to start weed eating under the electrified woven wire perimeter fence.

It only took me about an hour to seed 10 acres with 225 lbs of mixed seed, refilling five times.  Red stayed with the bags of seed and was extremely bored, but he patiently waited.  Now that I am finished, it was time to see if Red would load and ride on the back of the 4-wheeler.  He needed help getting on, but he’ll soon learn.  At first he was a bit nervous riding, but he settled right into it and seemed to not mind at all.  We only rode about half a mile and I drove slowly just in case he got spooked and tried to jump off.  When we drew closer to the sheep, he got mighty fidgety and then jumped off as I turned the corner from Hwy Y to Cotton Road.  Boy, he went rolling despite our slow speed.  I corrected him harshly and put him back on the 4-wheeler.  He never jumped off again.

Since Dallas wasn’t finished, I drove in and rolled up six more electrified nettings and took them back to the top of the cattle race.  I store them up high so no wildlife can get caught up in them.  Since I don’t want Red to get into the habit of trailing along vehicles on the road, I loaded him each time.  By this time, he was getting tired and actually seemed to enjoy the easy going of motorised transport!    He jumped off once when  I stopped to open the gate, but again, I immediately corrected him and told him to stay and he didn’t mess up again the rest of the day.  Red Wolf is a quick learner.

Both Dallas and I were getting pretty thirsty after a couple more hours, so we headed back home after loading the four-wheeler.  Red rides up front of the pickup in the passenger floorboard for now, but I’ll soon train him to ride on the flatbed now that it is warm.

The three new lambs are good sleepers.  They only need feeding once in the night!  At first I was concerned, but they are fine – I’m enjoying the sleep.



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