Sale Day!

I completely forgot to take a camera for a photo for this blog.  Good grief.  Nevertheless, today was one of our few ‘paydays’.  Cattle prices are excellent so we brought home a nice cheque.  These past couple years have been a real blessing to get a decent return on working hard all year.

The cattle all handled well – the only hiccup was when Rick’s trailer broke an axle north of Purdin.  Fortunately, he was paying attention and saw the black smoke from the tires rubbing together and had the mind to pull off onto a gravel road as quickly as possible.  Not only that, but chose the safer of the two choices since he knew we’d have to back another trailer up to his to switch the calves onto the other trailer.  Thankfully, Allen was just coming back from Milan with the empty trailer and he and Rick moved the calves to his and Allen took the calves on up to the sale.  Rick’s dad was also coming back from hauling a load up, so he did some bandage repairs and limped it home for a better fix.

A light potload of Allen’s calves topped the market – selling very well.  The remainder of his calves also sold well.  My top end sold as well as i could have expected, but due to various mistakes through the year, the rest of the calves were not the quality to bring top prices.   They sold for what they were worth.  Hopefully, next year’s calves will be better top to bottom.



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