Passing On

These past two weeks have seen the passing of two men in our family.  One 96 and one 94, both honorable, productive, giving, honest men who loved their wives without fail.  Family men who as young men served in World War II, both in the US Navy, the former skippering supply ships in the South Pacific, the latter as a tail gunner.

It’s hard to imagine what life was like 90 years ago:  few families had cars, dirt roads, one room school house.  Likely, they helped chop firewood for the schoolhouse potbellied stove each morning,  shot rabbits or squirrels for supper on the way home from school, milked cows (by hand), slept with warm rocks at their feet in bed in winter.  Only 2% of rural homes had electricity or running water.

Annual income in 1918 was $1518 with the average family spending 38.2% on food, 16.6% on clothing, and 23.3% for housing (this includes fuel, light, and furniture).

Neither one would have known nearly 100 years ago, that when laid in their mother’s arms, they would never experience more forgiveness, understanding, and love at that moment that is humanly possible.  And mom’s heart was bursting with happiness with a beautiful baby boy.  What wonders would their lives behold?!

Puppets and Parrots Can Move Along….

Be like the Bereans….


So, you are not a puppet or a parrot?  Then I assume you are willing to wrestle with a few challenging questions….

pagan Christmas

  • Have you ever wondered why or how pagans, Wiccans, Buddhists, Hindus and virtually everyone else in the world can celebrate Christmas even though they have/desire no relation with the Messiah?
  • Have you ever stopped to saturnaliawonder why the ancient Greeks and Romans were celebrating a day of festivities complete with tree, ornaments, gifts and parties in late December more than 300 years before the Messiah was born?
  • Have you ever heard, or dared to look up the word ‘Saturnalia?’Buddha Christmas
  • Have you ever considered the fact that December 25th is regarded as the birthday of more than a dozen pagan gods?
  • Have you ever wondered what Yehovah meant when He said, “…beware that you are not ensnared to follow them, after they are destroyed before…

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