Living Debt Free

A quick search on the internet with the above phrase will yield a lot of sites with tips on getting out of debt.  But that is just a start – once you’ve gotten out of debt (completely), then the life skills learnt should encourage  and propel us into living securely.

Dave Ramsey’s 7 characteristics of Debt-Free People

How to Start Living A Debt-Free Life from WikiHow

10 Habits of Debt-Free People – Marketwatch

Six Steps to Debt-Free Living – Focus on the Family

These are just a few articles on simple, basic, no-nonsense, common sense practices to get out of debt.   Evaluate every single purchase.  From a previous blog, i wrote about identifying the ROI (return on investment) and/or whether it is an appreciating or depreciating asset.

Cheers and shalom!



3 thoughts on “Living Debt Free”

  1. We are so grateful to Abba for ‘leaning’ on us until we committed to becoming debt-free. Living actually became much simpler and more focused for us, because for the first time we had funds available for HIS instructions as to their use. We would have missed many opportunities for obedience and service if we were still tied up in debt (and no doubt we DID miss many such opportunities when we WERE in debt!). We have asked His forgiveness, because we have come to understand that when we bring debt into our lives, we’re actually putting the creditor in the place of command – a place that actually belongs to Abba – so debt can easily become a form of idolatry. What a scary thought!!!!

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    1. What a wonderful testimony! It’s great that once you’ve asked His forgiveness and turn away from it, how we can let it go and move forward to be a blessing by instructing to those who will listen and hopefully avoid the pitfalls (sins) we commit. Shalom, my friend!

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