Joel Salatin – Farm Marketer Extraordinaire!

Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms is recognised around the world as a no nonsense, say it the way it is kind of farmer and marketer.  His ideas are proven to work in his area (highly populated with customers), but the ground rules can work anywhere and even in the commodity markets.  Some of his advice here needs more explanation, but most are just cut-to-the-chase, get ‘er done stuff.  GO!

Here’s a quick interview with a reporter from Modern Farmer

Five-Minute Mentor: Farming Advice from Joel Salatin

7 thoughts on “Joel Salatin – Farm Marketer Extraordinaire!”

  1. Glad to hear you are getting a misty bit of rain to wash all that pollen and stuff away! Clears the air so to speak. Are you familiar with The Pioneer Woman-Ree Drummond in Osage County, Oklahoma they are 3rd generation huge cattle ranchers and her blog is very informative and fun. Food, haymaking, cattle moving, Federal Free Roaming Mustangs on their ranch (I think it is over 20,000 acres?). If not you might find her blog interesting. She also homeschools her children (one just left for College at A&M/Texas) and three remain at home.

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    1. I stumbled on her tv show on RFD-tv a couple weeks ago. Interesting, but too much cooking for me! She is a very good host and obviously has a show/blog that appeals to a lot of people. That’s very cool. I would differ in that i use more natural, homemade ingredients and don’t cook in aluminum. I also like to prepare and serve with no leftovers. I don’t freeze prepared meals. Seems like a waste of time and i don’t have much time to wait for something to cool, cover it, freeze it, then thaw it out, then cook it. All my chillun’s are now graduated – i did admire that she took her children shopping in the store and took that opportunity to teach them manners and math. I always did that, too, and sometimes it was pretty challenging, but worth it in the long run. I’ll check out her blog – i’d be more interested in the ranching aspect of their operation than the cooking part. thanks for pointing her out – i find it interesting that within a couple of weeks, her name has come to my attention and i’d never heard of her before.


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