Still not winter!

Thankfully, we are still enjoying balmy weather with even right now at 11pm, it’s 63F!  That’s at least 20 degrees above normal.  And that is to continue the next couple of days, but then drop to normal.  However, we are under a flood warning as considerable thunderstorms with lots of rain are expected.  Gonna get muddy….



Interesting!  check this out.  We are the same temp in Laclede, MO as in Dubai UAE.  Bet that doesn’t happen very often – especially in December.


2 thoughts on “Still not winter!”

  1. That cattle picture looks much like the region west of the Galilee on the Golan heights that I saw on Shavuot this year. I rode around with Mike Clayton and when I commented on the cows he pointed out that those are the ‘fat cows of Bashan.’ It was rich fertile pasture land.

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    1. Well, these aren’t on the Golan Heights, just on my farm in Linn County, MO. Perhaps me Corrientes and Longhorns would be adapted to that climate. How exciting to hear that it looks like Israel. When the boys and i went to Israel in 2011, we were with a tour group for Sukkot – it was not ag related. If i go back, i’m going to look for a tour that will focus on livestock production (and food crops) as well as include a festival. Thank you.

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