Difficult verses in the ‘Christmas’ story, p.3

Repentance – to turn to or return to. To what do we return?


Zacharias and AngelI don’t know about you, but I really want to be ready for the Messiah’s coming.  We live in heady days as far as prophecy is concerned.  Every day there is some new event or some new happening that perfectly points to the soon coming of Messiah ben David.

Are you ready?

Luke, in his telling of the ‘Christmas story,’ provides us with a number of very difficult verses if we scrutinize them according to the normal Christian narrative.  In part one we considered the blamelessness of Zacharias and Elizabeth and in part two we considered the Kingdom the Messiah is to reign over.  In this part we will consider what it takes to be prepared for the Messiah.

What do you think it takes to be ready for the Messiah?  What have you been taught?  Is it an internal attitude and thought process?  Say, faith?  Or, is it an…

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Hay & Stockpile Lab Results -2015

Lab Results 2015 – Purdin Paddock 8 Old stockpile from May-June growth

Lab Results 2015 – various

Lab Results — 2015 – Oldfield purchased  hay 2015

Depending on weather conditions, it’s quite likely our cows may need some energy.  What we are concerned about is the lack of green in any of our stockpile which, from what we read, can result in a serious lack of Vitamin A.  We are looking into supplementing that since the lack of this important vitamin results in expensive compromises to animal health.