More Rain!

My new rubber boots arrived today and none too soon.  Nearly every time i wore them this past year, my feet got wet.  (which was a lot because it has rain incessantly except for Sept and October so we had absolutely NO fall regrowth for winter stockpile pastures).  We are getting some Scottish weather albeit a bit colder.

The old ones are probably at least 12 years old and basically leak because they have cracked and dry rotted at the ankles where they bend.  LaCrosse brand has been my go-to for 30 plus years.   Hopefully, these new ones will last as long, but they do seem to be slightly less quality and a bit differently shaped in the foot.  Made in China – too bad.  But they fit nicely, so I am encouraged that they will live up to their historical quality.

Note how much taller the new ones are – that’s only because the heel on the old ones are just worn down!  They also appear wider in the leg, but that’s just because my old ones are trained to stay open to receive my foot.  Cheers! tauna

boots and piano 001

9 thoughts on “More Rain!”

    1. I know, other places are getting more – we are under a flood watch again! But it’s nothing like what St Louis and south got. Our ponds are overflowing, the pastures will soon be like porridge (once the slight frost goes out) and the creeks are running full. Temps stay just around freezing, so the constant rain too makes for the very worst weather for livestock.

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      1. thanks, it surely will, in Missouri the weather can change exceptionally fast and extreme. i think that is one reason why north Missouri is so sparsely populated – the weather is not nice!

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  1. Missouri (like Kansas, where we used to live) does have weather extremes, but it is a beautiful state filled with kind people.

    It must be kinda poignant to give up your ‘old friend’ boots to break in a new pair, but glad to hear that your feet will be dry now!!

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    1. Yes, i think Kansas is similar, but perhaps with more wind. Sparsely populated as well. I think Kansas is considered in the ‘flyover zone’ like Missouri. Actually, most of the midwest is largely overlooked as if the most important parts are the east and west coasts!

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