Voting for Beef Producers in Missouri

Sign up online at the Missouri Beef Referendum to be able to vote yea or nay in this forced upon us referendum.  The Missouri Beef Industrial Council says they need more money to ‘educate’ people about beef.  Don’t most consumers already know that we have beef available for sale in Missouri?  Honestly, I’m tired of taxes.



Other ways of signing up for a ballot:

phone:  573.751.5633


in person: visit your local county USDA FSA office

Missouri Beef Referendum

Dusting of Snow

This kind of light fluffy white stuff is easy to move by sweeping with a broom.  It’s important really to do this BEFORE someone walks through so that there are no footprints to melt, refreeze, then be unexpected slick spots.

Another of those ‘do it now’ little jobs that pays in having clear and safe walking areas.