Rehanging A Curtain Rod

Repairs on the farm, in the house, car, whatever are neverending.  When renovating our old house to be used as a guest house (into which we subsequently moved), it was challenging to deal with the old plaster walls when it comes to hanging things. Some months back, I had to ‘rehang’ this curtain rod.

Check out this helpful wikihelp site for determining the best equipment to use for your specific situation;  How to Put Anchor Screws In A Wall

Curtain Rod repair
Sometimes the plaster just crumbles immediately, sometimes, like this case, it took a couple of years, and the screws and plastic anchors pull out.


curtain rod repair
Fill holes with nail hole repair stuff and let dry.
curtain rod repair
Carefully sand it down with steel wool.
Curtain rod repair
Fill the holes with nail hole repair.
curtain rod repair
Drill new holes and insert new plastic screw anchors
curtain rod repair
Touch up paint on repaired wall and reattach rod bracket
Curtain rod repair
Voila! Good as before!
I really like the curtain rod rings – especially for applications where you might be opening and shutting the curtains oftens. They just glide so nicely by hand without all the challenges of installing traverse rods.

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