Travel Light!

In September/October of 2014, my 2 sons and i spent a month in Scotland.  Travel light is my mantra – above is my wardrobe for the month.  With the exception of key pieces, ie the new Ecco walking shoes ( have never spent so much on shoes, but arthritis and old age are requiring me to make investment in quality shoes now) and the 100% Shetland wool ponch we had made from our own wool, the remaining total investment was about $40, including the suitcase.  Since then, i’ve given away the old style suitcase (it’s wheels were too close together and it was a fight to keep it from toppling over on uneven surfaces) and purchased a new one with four wheels.  Looking forward to trying it out on the upcoming trip to Scandinavia – leaving tuesday and meeting my daughter in Copenhagen.



11 thoughts on “Travel Light!”

  1. have a great trip and awesome time with you daughter. I wish I could pack like you – must be an amazing trip with such a light luggage and minimal wardrobe. I usually pack my luggage heavy and surprisingly also use the vast majority of the stuff… time to discover the washer wherever I go I guess 🙂

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    1. yup, i do rely on having washing available wherever i stay. My daughter has made all the bookings for this trip and we are staying at several Airbnb’s; hope they have washing!!! but as long as there is running water, we should be good. She’s a light packer, too. just returning from a month in Cambodia and Thailand. By herself!!!! what have a created!!!!? 😉

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      1. you must be a proud mom! I am very impressed with both of you’s light packing practice. When I was young, I too loved traveling. Now I am middle aged and feel like going within my comfort zone. One more thing to change in my life 🙂

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      2. there is nothing wrong with comfort zones in my opinion. granted, i do tend to push the boundaries a bit, but all the same, i don’t plan to rough it too many times now. and still have no intention of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!


  2. Hope your trip goes well. I also leave on Tuesday for Poland, Baltic States and Russia. I just weighed my bag and I am doing well. I have a bag that weighs only 6 lbs empty and the wheels are very easy to guide any direction. I have used it the last two trips and I love it. I have learned a lot about packing light, but could probably cut back even more. I know you will have a great trip. Enjoy!

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