Packed and Ready

Although this trip to Scandinavia will only be 17 days vs 29 days in Scotland, it doesn’t seem i can pack any less.  There are just some basic things that must go no matter the length.  Toiletries for one, at least one pair of stockings for layering in case it gets cold and a sweater or poncho for same reason.  Two pairs of shoes, walking/hiking and another for slightly dressier occasion.  From there it depends on the resources you may have at your destination.  I try to make accommodations so that the washing facilities are spaced so that i can wash all the clothes at some point.

My Coleman spinner carry-on weighs 6.3 lbs and the total weight is now 20.5 lbs which also includes my small computer, cord and plug and a book to read.  Still a bit heavy, but not sure where to make cuts. Hmmmm.

First trip with a spinner – looking forward to trying it.





3 thoughts on “Packed and Ready”

  1. Spinners are AWESOME!!! That’s all we use these days. Enjoy your trip!!! I’ve been to Suomi/Finland, but not the rest of Scandinavia. My dream trip would be a cruise through the Norwegian fjords. Hope you have a fantastic time!!!

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    1. Thank you! my daughter came home from Dubai in April for a wedding and she had purchased a spinner; i was in love with it from the get-go! It weighed in right at 50 lbs and was effortless to move around.

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  2. Have a great time! My grandma Olson came from Japland, Sweden. Wish I could have taken her back for a visit as she was 16 when she came over & she never saw her parents or older sister again. Their last name was Swedeburg. Sandy

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