Time Management Lesson

Too many times I engage in projects which end up as time wasted. Case in point this 12×12 chicken tractor. After spending time and money on it, I’m now faced with more time wasted disassembling it. I have no intention of raising layers on pasture again and it’s too awkward to move very far and a waste of space to store it. The high quality tarp from Troyer Tarp will be stored, however, since it is a $100 item. I’m learning, albeit slowly and with the wisdom my children bestow upon me, to utilize my time more wisely.




3 thoughts on “Time Management Lesson”

  1. Wow, you did a beautiful job of building it. I was surprised that the structure did not include a convenient way of moving it, since that is its ultimate purpose. What made you decide not to pasture your layers again?

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    1. oh, it’s easily pulled by hand to a fresh break of pasture each day – it just isn’t designed to move great distances. having chickens is like milking cows, you or someone has to be home everyday to manage them. Feeding, moving, collecting and processing eggs. That was the project my children did for many years (vs having goldfish or a pet), but i’m too busy now. i buy my eggs now from the neighbour girl.

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