The First Step Closer

Son, Nathan, has begun a blog – it’s different than mine. Follow along if you like.

Enter Wonderland

My feet clamor for release almost as loudly as my backside cries for relief from its suppression.

Last weekend was supposed to be simple: move out of my apartment, retrieve my sister from the airport, then fly to Atlanta for a predeparture orientation. What fun would it be if everything went to plan?

Friday morning, as I packed my car and prepared to depart for KCI to get my sister, a winter storm blew in. Storm-ologists knew it as Winter Storm Decima. Those traveling knew it as the reason roads and airports across Missouri were shut down. The rest of us hunkered down and wondered if hell was freezing yet. I had already handed over my apartment keys, so I was trapped in Maryville without a bed. Fortunately, my good friend Tom offered to let me crash at his place overnight, then I would hopefully be on my way on…

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