Written Tradition, Part 1: Clyde’s Truck

Son, Nathan, still blogs occasionally. Gotta share his; his are much more interesting to read than mine.

Enter Wonderland

Everyone has a story. The one that makes your eyes light up when you tell it. The one that makes you wheeze with laughter before you get to the punchline. The one that makes you hold your breath until the end. The one that isn’t quite the truth. Some people have several. Some people have one good one they tell every time they see you. But we all have one.

In the past, these oral traditions were passed from generation to generation. They were modified slightly, but were recognizable. The very best became legends and myths. Now, though, many of these tales are lost with the passing of a generation.

This series is my attempt to capture some of the tradition of my family and those around me. I will try to make monthly updates, but no promises!

Clyde Powell was my great-great-uncle. Way back in the day, he bought…

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