Although this adventure is in the past, Nathan’s enchanting tale of his continuing journey are well worth the read. Enjoy!

Enter Wonderland

Author’s note: this story was written immediately following the events of On the Road.  It was never published due to life events that followed.  Now, to the yarn!

Fear not, dear readers! The tales of my comic stinginess have only just begun!

A power nap on the bus later and I found myself at Lancaster University at 0545 Sunday, May 21. Unsurprisingly, there are no shops open and no buses at that time of the morning. Instead, I explored the campus, mooched off their free wifi, and tried to avoid the security guard for three hours until a bus to the city center arrived. Once in the city proper, I got my first glimpse at the hidden gem that is Lancaster.

Nestled deep in the English countryside, Lancaster is not a place I ever would have visited if not for my ferry to the Isle of Man leaving from…

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