Landscaping is No Easy Task

Okay. No way Dallas and I will finish June’s landscaping in one day as hoped. Ground conditions are perfect for pulling up these old gnarly bushes, so we are taking advantage. Ended with pulling 5 bushes.  We were able to use the HydraBed flat bed arms to pull the bushes up which is handier for us than bringing down a tractor and front end loader.  We’ll fill in the holes and rearrange the landscaping gravel by hand, however.

Will take several more hours to finish up with landscaping, power washing sidewalks, and cleaning the vinyl siding.  Then it’s on to the parking space across the highway, cutting out trees behind the barn, then to the rental house where there are a LOT of trees to cut out that are past the sprout stage.  With allergy season here, these may have to wait until October.

Bushes at June's




Bushes at June'sBushes at June's