Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Since many in our country, are keen to destroy, loot, and burn our economy and history, this blog entry will be a hope to remember an important date in United States history – before it, too, may be ‘cancelled.’

On December 7, 1941 – Japanese airmen orchestrated a surprise attack on the war ships stationed at Pear Harbor, Hawaii. The US was not at war at the time.

“Pearl Harbor was the site of an event that changed not only the United States but the world. December 7th, 1941 marks the fateful day the Japanese launched a surprise attack on the unsuspecting base on the island of Oahu. The shocking offensive left 2,403 dead and over 1,000 wounded. The Japanese onslaught also forced America out of its stance of isolation and into war production, eventually shifting the tide of history in favor of the United States and her allies.” Pearl

For those wanting to study this important turning point in US history, can find a plethora of information on the internet or your local library.

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