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The One Who Helps

I took this from Facebook this morning – there have been several write ups of this ilk and i’ve even made comments on Facebook sharing my experiences that in the agriculture world women ’empowerment’ (whatever that looks like as opposed to lifting up anyone and everyone)  is not necessary – men, women, and children respect and help each other.  (well, except me – i’m kind of mean and scary).  If you think you need to be in a march of some sort to promote women, then you hang out with the wrong crowd.  There is a world out there where people are pulling together and not ripping each other apart.



Sue Tebow

While women march the streets of America, protesting for rights that they already have, allow me to applaud a way of life that has honored women in ways the rest of the world never has (for a very long time).
I’m proud to be a part of the silent, steadfast women of rural America, where:

Little girls are taught to work alongside little boys, not hate them.

We let the men lead us on the dance floor, in prayer, and in life. There is strength in partnership.

The woman’s housekeeping and the man’s ranch work are both vital aspects of the operation’s success, even though gender roles don’t have much of a place on the ranch.

Women ride Bronc’s, wrestle calves, and rope just as often as men cook, sew and tend to children.

We actually participate in meetings, sit on boards, and vote to create REAL change.

We see the miracle of life in every foal, calf, and child and believe all life should be protected.

The men never question a woman’s strength, and women know that a door held open is a simple sign of respect.

The ranchers/farmers/blue collar people of America create empowered women, respectful men, and a brighter future than any “protest” could bring about.

Sue Tebow founder of agri.CULTURE
AUTHOR: Kaycee Monnes
PC – Robin L Green

Rural North Missouri

“Planning and strategizing are OK, but most of life is in the trenches. It’s just a lot of hard work, commitment and you’re never done.”   Tina Reichert, Brunswick, Missouri

Rural Missouri County Among Best Places To Grow Up For Future Income Growth

AUG 5, 2015
Brunswick street
Downtown Brunswick, Missouri

Passing On

These past two weeks have seen the passing of two men in our family.  One 96 and one 94, both honorable, productive, giving, honest men who loved their wives without fail.  Family men who as young men served in World War II, both in the US Navy, the former skippering supply ships in the South Pacific, the latter as a tail gunner.

It’s hard to imagine what life was like 90 years ago:  few families had cars, dirt roads, one room school house.  Likely, they helped chop firewood for the schoolhouse potbellied stove each morning,  shot rabbits or squirrels for supper on the way home from school, milked cows (by hand), slept with warm rocks at their feet in bed in winter.  Only 2% of rural homes had electricity or running water.

Annual income in 1918 was $1518 with the average family spending 38.2% on food, 16.6% on clothing, and 23.3% for housing (this includes fuel, light, and furniture).

Neither one would have known nearly 100 years ago, that when laid in their mother’s arms, they would never experience more forgiveness, understanding, and love at that moment that is humanly possible.  And mom’s heart was bursting with happiness with a beautiful baby boy.  What wonders would their lives behold?!