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Aspergers : Through the Mud

Cotton Road - 22DEC14 (4) - Copy
This is more water than mud, but I think you get the picture.(“Get the picture” get it? 😉 Ha ha I’m so funny.

April, 2014 by Dallas Powell

There’s one thing that I should say straight off the bat. I have never thought of myself as having a mental disorder or a syndrome. When I was still in grade school (I would be home schooled from the third grade and beyond), I was a quiet lad, never asking questions unless asked and rarely talking to my classmates; just sitting quietly listening to the chatter going on around me. Rarely, if ever, injecting anything into the conversation. Conversations especially were and still are difficult for me. Whenever I tried to start a conversation, I am reminded of wading through mud. Every topic, every sentence, every word was a trial and effort. Sometimes I would just get so tired of trudging through the mud that I just have to rest, but I keep wading through the mud until I can find a dry and solid ground on which I can rest and enjoy the peace that comes from being out and away from the mud. After a while, once rested enough, I might feel like wading through all the mud again and so I’d go back in to the mud, but the mud feels thicker than before and thus harder to wade through and then after awhile I get back out and rest and, after a time, the rests get longer and the wading gets shorter until finally I stop going back into the mud. Then I rest for the night and I’m ready to start the cycle again. But sometimes clogging through the mud gets to be too much. Instead of going through the mud, I stay on my little dry patch, even if I don’t particularly like it, it’s still better than fighting through the mud day after day just to interact with other people. So I stay on my dry patch of ground that I don’t particularly like and I just stand still. Sometimes, I work off the will to venture off your little island because I’ve become lonely or my little island has gotten too little and I just want to stretch my legs a bit. I find the mud is easier to walk through than I remember and I start taking more trips through the mud to interact with people and so, I slowly begin to take part of the world again.

Tightening the Fence

No deep thoughts or wise words in this blog – it just truly is the telling of a finished project.  The 5 barbed wire fence around an older pond has been loose as a goose for YEARS!  I finally am pressured to fix it since I’m weaning calves at this new location in a couple of weeks.  Seems like I have to have a major push to finish big projects.

The task:

Re-stretch 1050 feet around the pond, all wires needed re-stretching which meant ALL the clips had to come off and put back on after stretching.  That is about 90 posts times 5 is 450 clips!  Stretching the wire around each corner post with fence/wire pliers and pounding in the staples to make it hold.  I’m not sure how many hours it took me because I had to break it into smaller jags – i just get tired you see.  And a couple days ago, I pushed too hard and knocked out a rib.  By the time I got home I was nearly in tears!  (I have an appointment on Friday to get put back together)

Not only did Dallas man the Rhino GPD-30 Gas Powered Driver (most of the posts had heaved out of the ground over the years), but he also helped finish up today with helping to hang the gate where there had been a wire gap before.  It’s just an old worn out gate, but it will be fine for this job for many years – at least the rest of my life.

Saggy Fence
Saggy Fence
Tightened Wires
Tightened Wires
Dallas manned the Honda post driver machine.  It's SUPER handy for when you don't want to use a tractor and front end loader.  I only had to remove the top clip and still drive the posts.
Dallas manned the Rhino GPD-30 Gas powered driver. It’s SUPER handy for when you don’t want to use a tractor and front end loader. I only had to remove the top clip and still drive the posts.
Tightening the fence 013
Dallas helping put the finishing touches on gate hanging today. Note the crooked posts – we did the best we could – the gate is actually hanging straight!